Gab Gab 2

Gab Gab 2

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Slightly more challenging than Gab Gab I, beach diving to Gab Gab II begins with a long snorkel or blue-water dive.

The reef is approximately 230 yards directly north of the monument on Gab Gab. The site is used by the Atlantis submarine, which allows tour-ists to view the reef.

The top of the reef is at about 50 feet, where large schooling fish can be found. The Atlantis divers feed the fish to entertain the tourists, so they are quite tame and will swarm around divers.

There are several varieties of anemones on the reef, and sponges and soft corals also make this a very interesting dive.

If you are in a private boat, advise the Atlantis crew that you would like to dive in the area before entering the water. The submarine itself is interesting to look at, but due to the thrust motors being outside the hull, do not get closer than 50 feet.

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