Asan Cut

Asan Cut

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This is a great dive from a boat or the beach. Asan beach dive want to time it correctly; either about 45 minutes before high or very low tide. At these times, entrance and exit will be easiest. Regardless of when you plan it you need to be aware that very stong currents can occur at this site. These currents can pull you seaward, or under the coral ledges.

Park at the War in the Pacific park and make the short trek to the dive entrance.

The cut begins approximately 30 feet out from the shore. Once you drop down into the cut, you can head either right or left. Tall limestone shae coverfts extended up dramatically and many ar  with marine life.

The tall shafts that are characteristic of this dive offer swim-throughs and crevices, giving ample opportunity to see a selection of lionfish and turkeyfish, who like to hide in the overhangs.

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